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500 Millions customers are searching Google for businesses like yours every single day. Is your website being discovered by Google? See how you can attract strangers and grow your business with inbound marketing.

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We help you become visible in the marketplace so you can Attract, Convert and Close in on customers. Without breaking the bank.

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LIM CONCEPTS - Believe in Simplicity

LIM CONCEPTS is a Creative & Inbound Marketing Agency based in London

You know how small businesses struggle to get attention because big corporate giants with massive budgets make all the noise and get all the customers? They have all the tools and resources to be innovative while small businesses lag behind, or at least that’s what it seems like. Our overall aim is to help small businesses become visible in the marketplace so you can attract, convert and close in on customers. All of this without breaking the bank.

Put simply; our integrity lies in the development of small businesses owned by ethnic minorities in the UK and other parts of the world. We work tireless to build you up and stop at nothing to make you grow.


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We want to see people succeed and we help them to do this by using stimulating branding, pioneering content strategy and innovative marketing solutions that stay away from the norm and have the edge that will transform your business.

Our clients are creative professionals and service providers who think like leaders and are passionate about what they do. We work with companies that are serious about growth and ready to participate in the process of transformation.


Developing a successful inbound marketing plan requires that we understand your business in and out. We will talk with you and your team to understand your goals, existing efforts, some marketing challenges you are currently facing, what tools and resources do you currently use to enhance your marketing activities?

Here’s how we help step by step:

  • Develop a successful marketing GamePlan
  • Create and maintain a powerful website
  • Attract traffic to your website
  • Convert traffic to leads
  • Convert leads in to customers/sales
  • Measure marketing efforts.

We work with you from start to finish, creating campaigns with longevity that are not going to be just a flash in the pan. You are never just a number and we are in it for the journey, no matter how long it takes.

To see if we’ll be a perfect fit, why don’t you check out our blog posts. Or schedule a time to talk with our team

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We provide innovative marketing solutions that are completely customizable based on your needs and business. Our pricing options are unique to your business and designed to give you the greatest return on your investment.
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Let’s schedule a conversation to evaluate your current online marketing efforts and point you in the right direction to grow traffic, leads, and sales.